The Village brings together a large number of residents in one complex. One of the major challenges of living together in harmony is that of being able to reside in the Village with out being affected by undue loud noise. The Village is also a social place and some noise will be present. It is the responsibility of all residents to balance these aspects and in doing so ensure that an environment conducive to study, sleep and quiet relaxation is maintained.

This noise policy expands on sections 49 and 56 of the Rules of the Village:

Every resident is responsible for the maintenance of good order and reasonable quiet in his or her room and apartment. Students must at all times show proper regard for others. Radios, televisions, stereos, musical instruments and other audio equipment should be adjusted so as not to disturb other residents of the Village.

All residents are entitled to privacy and quiet enjoyment in their rooms and apartments, both from Village staff and other residents. Be respectful of noise levels and allow residents the degree of privacy they desire.

Residents should be able to live free of unsanctioned loud noise. Thus all residents need to be aware of the noise they and their guests are making regardless of the hour of the day. Residents should be particularly mindful of the noise generated from normal activity in an apartment such as watching TV, holding small gatherings, or returning late at night to the Village after being out. The noise policy applies year round as study requirements are not restricted to traditional semesters.

Residents of the Village undertake summer semester, mid semester classes and clinical blocks. Postgraduate research students study all year round. Many residents also work or study late into the night and therefore have varying sleep requirements.

If you are unsure what constitutes unreasonable noise you are encouraged to contact the On-Call Resident Assistants. The level of noise at any time is at the discretion of the staff of the Village, including the Resident Assistants and Security

Official activities authorised by Village Management may generate loud noise and such activities will generally cease by midnight. These activities will normally be advertised in advance of them occurring. There are official activities held throughout the year in the Village that provide residents with the opportunity to have fun and involve noise from music and large gatherings. There are many other options close to the Village that provide residents the opportunity to get together and provide music and other entertainment.

Responsibility for Addressing Noise

Residents are responsible for the noise that they and their guests make. Residents should always be careful that they are not unreasonably disturbing their fellow residents. If a resident is being disturbed by noise they should speak with the person making the noise if they feel comfortable doing so. This is especially the case within apartments.

Should you feel that you are being effected by unreasonable noise please follow the following steps:

  1. Approach the resident/s making the noise and discuss the effect it is having on you and request that they lower the level of noise.
  2. If you are unable to approach the residents generating the noise or they are unresponsive, you may contact Village Administration. Residents should address noise complaints to the On-Call Resident Assistant and should not contact Village Security directly about noise complaints. Residents must comply with any request from the on-call Resident Assistant or other staff member relating to loud noise.
  3. If a request by the On-Call Resident Assistant to lower noise is not appropriately acted upon, the On-Call Resident Assistant will contact Village Security and/or the Village Director. Those making the noise will be identified and may be subject to disciplinary action.

Specific Noise Restrictions

Residents of the Village can generally expect reasonable quite at all times in the Village. When residents do hold social gatherings they are asked to observe the following conditions:

Week Nights (Sunday to Thursday inclusive):
Gatherings with a reasonable amount of noise may be held in apartments until 10pm. Small social gatherings held on patios outside apartments and in communal areas such as the Village Greens should ensure that they are not making any intrusive noise after 9pm. No large gatherings should be held on outside common areas after 9pm on a week night.

Weekend Nights (Friday & Saturday nights):
Social gatherings that generate a reasonable amount of noise may be held until 12 midnight. Large gatherings on the Village Greens and other outdoor communal areas should cease by 11pm.

Stereos must not be used for outdoor gatherings and should be restricted to indoors with doors closed. Likewise musical instruments and singing should be restricted to indoors.

During official University exam periods no social gatherings can be held that disturb other residents. If a resident organises a social gathering they must observe the Village Party Policy. Please note that from time to time communal areas, may be closed to ensure that the Village is free from noise that will disturb residents study and sleep.