Social gatherings are an important part of Village life and residents may hold parties in the Village. The Village needs to balance social gatherings against issues such as noise, security, and the use of communal space by other residents. The following policy has been formulated to assist in ensuring that social gatherings can take place in the Village while being mindful of the needs of other residents. Other benefits of the policy include minimizing risks to the organiser and residents of an apartment in which a party is held.

Parties less than 20 persons

Residents are to seek the Village Director's approval 24 hours in advance for parties of under 20 persons. This will assist with managing noise, security and emergencies. One resident must be clearly identifiable as being responsible for the party. This person should note their responsibilities in the Rules of the Village, including for the conduct of non-residents and the Village Noise Policy.

Parties over 20 persons

Parties with a large number of people in attendance require a significant level of responsibility on the part of the person hosting the party. It is important that this person plans for the party, and is sober and present for the duration of the party.

For parties over 20 persons, an application in writing to the Village Director at least three days (72 hours) before the party is necessary by the resident hosting the party.

The application will usually be assessed within 48 hours and a response sent via email to the applicant. An application kit is available from Village Administration. The application kit includes the application form that is to be submitted for approval and a checklist that the host should abide by during the party. The application form and checklist are designed to ensure that the interests of other residents of the Village not attending the party and people attending the party are adequately considered by the host.

Applicants are required to adequately describe the reason for the party, if alcohol will be present, how many people will be in attendance, how many non-residents will be in attendance, and how the party will be managed.

Please note that kegs are not permitted at parties and will be confiscated.

The resident hosting the party will be held responsible for any breach of the rules of the Village, including damage and noise. Any costs arising from a party, including costs for cleaning and damage, will be charged to the host of the party.

Where appropriate the host is encouraged to invite neighbours to a party to assist in minimising noise issues.

Proposals for parties with over 40 people attending and will be based in an apartment or outdoor area will not normally be approved. Proposals for such parties should be discussed with the Village Director.

Approval of Parties by the Household

The host of a proposed party must always have the unanimous consent of all residents residing in the apartment of the party host.

Non-Residents at Parties

Many of the problems associated with parties and social functions are often linked to non-residents. Non-residents who are invited to the Village by a resident are defined as either guests (staying overnight) or as visitors. The Village has several rules that apply to non-residents that hosts of parties should be aware of. These include:


13. Conduct Issues
Residents and their guests in the Village are to show respect for order, morality, personal honour and rights as members of the Village community. Residents are responsible for their guests and will be held financially accountable for any misconduct on their part.

15. Damage or Loss
Residents are also responsible for the conduct of their guests and any misconduct, injury to any person or property damage which they cause.

51. Overnight Guests & Unauthorised Occupancy
You must ensure that any guest or other person who is in the Village at your invitation or in your company complies with the Rules of the Village and any reasonable directions given by the Village and does not do anything which you are prohibited from doing by this document.

Whilst you are permitted to have guests for short periods of time with the approval of the other occupants of the Apartment, extended visits are not permitted and you must not in any circumstances allow any other person to reside in your Room or the Apartment Common Areas.

Whereas the Village does not encourage overnight guests it is understood that on occasion this will occur. In consideration of Fire and Safety Regulations, and the other residents of an apartment, the following procedures must be followed.

All residents of an apartment must be aware of a guest staying overnight and have given approval.

  • A guest must be registered at Village administration by speaking to Reception.
  • A guest must be accompanied at all times and never given a room key.
  • A guest cannot stay more than two nights in any given period of seven days.
  • Any person found to occupy a room, where the above procedure has not been followed, will be deemed as unauthorised, and the resident of the room will be charged $55.00 for each night the unauthorised person has stayed.


67. Trespassing
The Village has no gates and boundary walls to keep out trespassers and we encourage the University community to utilise the Village facilities. Unauthorised persons (non-residents or uninvited visitors) will be asked to leave accommodation areas. Any person whose behaviour is unacceptable, or who is behaving in a suspicious manner will be deemed as trespassing and will be asked to leave.

71. Visitors
A visitor is defined as a person who is meeting with a resident for a short period of time, while a guest is defined as a person who is staying overnight with a resident. All visitors are required to leave the Village by 12 midnight. Any visitor present in the village after midnight will be considered an “Unauthorised Occupant” and the resident responsible charged accordingly.

Exam Periods

During official University exam periods no social gatherings can be held that disturb other residents. Large social gatherings should be held off-site. Residents who finish their exams early and wish to celebrate are advised to hold parties outside the Village. Official Village functions held during this time will normally be low key and aimed at providing residents with the opportunity to take a quiet break from study.

Drinking Games

Alcoholic drinking games and other activities that promote binge drinking are discouraged. Drinking games tend to encourage excessive drinking and drunkenness, tend to foreclose all other social interaction, and pressure players to drink over their limits. Such activities can quickly make a participant very intoxicated and are dangerous. The host of the party and other participants may be held responsible for any negative consequences of excessive drinking.

Criminal Activity

Any criminal activity associated with a party will be reported to the appropriate authorities. Criminal activity includes the supply of illicit drugs.